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Marketing / Advertising Services

Individually based approach allows Liaison Group Personal to identify and understand the intentions of our clients and assist them with further project completion, or simply complete your full project. Liaison Group develops the strategy to foresee the future results for our clients.

Liaison Group offer selected services with customized approach with each client. Please review the following selection, to keep the ideas flowing and further understanding of available work

    + Sport Marketing:
    + Retail Marketing:
    + Internet Marketing:
    + Entertainment Marketing:   (
    + Market Research
    + Public Relations
    + Investors Relations for Accredited and Institutional Investors
    + Marketing Campaign Management ( N. America, Europe and Middle East )
    + Brand Ambassador ( Contractor and Sub-Contractor)
    + Graphic Design Services ( Stationery, Flyers, Digital Prints)
    + Corporate Video Development
    + Digital Printing and Print Services
- Sport Marketing: Managing a group of trained individuals to complete and organize the project ideas gives us variety of solutions to understand your target audience and carry out the projects.

- Retail Marketing: Retail marketing is the best approach to demonstrate your product qualities and allow the public to make a wise decision over what choice they can make. Liaison Group have demonstrated our dedication and leadership with the following fields. - Product Demonstrations - Trade shows - Public Demonstrations - Event Management
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